Classic & Vintage Car Rental for Weddings, Events, Parties, and Photoshoots.

Whenever you are in need of renting any classic cars, there are plenty of agencies and companies to service your vintage, muscle and classic car hire needs. There are many times when having that special vintage style of vehicle adds character and uniqueness to your event, whether it be a prom, a parade, a wedding, a music video or a photoshoot. These classic cars are timeless and very much in demand for any special event that could use that extra look of past era. Well, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of places in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas area that have just what you need to rent a classic vintage muscle car. However, be warned, what you see may not be what you get.

In the classic car rental industry, a few companies have been known to promote renting classic cars that they do not have or assure a quality level that the vintage/classic cars did not meet. Due to this, clients that have rented these classic cars from these companies have been left with sometimes horrifying experiences. Events that had been planned had to be canceled, production time and money lost, brides left stranded without a wedding vehicle on a special day. For this reason, we highly urge anyone looking to rent or hire a classic car to visit the car rental company in person and inspect the actual classic car you are interested in renting.

We welcome everyone to visit Legends Car Rentals and see, touch and test drive the classic car you are interested in renting. This will ensure no surprises and a flawless classic car rental experience.

When it comes to any classic car, there are many different types that you can have. So any rental place you go to, you want to be able to see the variety and be assured that they have what you are looking for. Or maybe you’d rather browse their listings. In Los Angeles, look at the different companies and you can find such classics as the beautiful red 1965 Ford Mustang convertible, the 1970 Cadillac Deville Convertible, the 1957 Chevy Belair, or the blue 1965 Mustang Convertible.

Classic Car Rental For Wedding

At weddings, the desire to have a vintage car for the newlywed bride and groom to drive away it is such a timeless tradition. And of course, how can the wedding party resist painting all kinds of fun well wishes and funny sayings on one of these rented beauties? At all of the best classic rental car agencies in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, you can get some fantastic cars for just that special day. You can even get them chauffeured for easy rates!

And when it comes time for prom, along with spending time focused on fun outfits, corsages, and tickets, this splurge time won’t be the same without that special car rented for your dear teenage daughter or son to drive in. These rented classics can also be chauffeured, but don’t worry! The best Los Angeles classic car rental agencies have rates that are cheap and affordable. When your children are having this special time together and are enjoying their youth, it’s important for them to enjoy special treats like this. So let this be another part of their amazing night.

Old School Vintage Car Rental For Photoshoot
Of course, when it comes time for graduation or other events where a photoshoot is upcoming, who can resist getting some great candid shots inside of a classic car? With excellent rates for these events, any Legends in Los Angeles will be thrilled to let you browse their collection as you figure out the best vehicle for you in your photoshoot or movie shoots.

Whatever event you have going on, and whatever situation is coming up where you are interested in renting a classic car, there are so many great options, places and people who are able and willing to provide you with the vintage and retro look that is just what you need. So don’t wait any longer. Go ahead and call Legends Car Rentals. For the right prices, great rates and excellent customer service, Los Angeles has so many places that will provide for you everything that you want, just how you like it.










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Wedding car rentals in Los Angeles

Everyone wants to rent a classic car for their wedding. Why not? It is your special day and spending a little extra to make your special day a memorable one is worthwhile. At Legends, we provide wedding car rentals in Los Angeles to help you create the retro-themed experience and photos of your dreams. So, if you are getting married anytime soon, rent a car from us and accent your big day with a vintage car that makes an impression.


Why should You opt for Wedding car rentals in Los Angeles? 

You plan for your wedding day for months. You micro-manage everything, so now as every arrangement is made – Your wedding dress, your guest lists, venue, food menu, honeymoon destination, and tickets seem to be in place, isn’t it time to think about how you will arrive and leave your wedding venue?

Renting a classic vintage car for your big day will be a show-stopping moment. Imagine you and your spouse coming out and bidding adieu to everyone in a classic car, wouldn’t it look like a scene straight from a 1970s Hollywood Movie.

Picture the scene of you arriving in a 1967 Cadillac Deville at your wedding or think of being whisked off to your reception in a 76 Eldorado. By renting a car from us, you are sure to make the heads turn. While you are at it, make sure to be snapped tons of times for social media-worthy photos to commemorate your big day.


Some of the people’s favorite Wedding car rentals Los Angeles fleet are: 

  • Pontiac GTO 1970
  • 1967 Deville
  • 55 Porche
  • 1965 Cobra
  • 57 Belair
  • 65 Mustang
  • 55 Porsche
  • 65 Impala

We have more popular cars available in different models, and body styles in Los Angeles. Needless to say, these cars are very well maintained.


Photo-Worthy wedding pictures

Classic cars make the best backdrop for share-worthy pictures. Take advantage of the occasion and click as many pictures as you want. Los Angeles is a beautiful place with lots of picture-worthy places. Stop at the Hollywood sign, or time-honored landmarks and venues and capture them in the backdrop.

At Legends Car and Van Rentals, we go above and beyond your typical car rental service and bring you the best cars and experiences. Being the best in Los Angeles, our Wedding car rentals Los Angeles vehicles get booked fast, so don’t wait till the last moment. Check out our options and book the car of your dreams.

Our cars are meticulously cared for, our fleet is un-matchable and our customer support is something that can’t be beaten. We are not only a car rental company that rents luxury cars but we offer an experience like no other.

If you have any queries reach out to us, and one of our trained support executives will be happy to assist you.