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Long Term Car Rental

Looking for a quote on a long term car rental in the Los Angeles area? We have amazing deals and huge discounts available when renting a vehicle from us based on a long term rental.

We are changing the way people rent cars, especially if they are looking for long term car rentals. With each client, we are changing how people used to view long term car rental. Traditionally long term car rental has been a hassle, its usually an extra cost, they didn’t have the car you want and or the rental cars appeared worn out and tiered.  The good news is that it is no longer the case. Our long term car rental services insures you a smile, here is how.

  1. Newer, Cleaner and Fresher Cars

Our cars are not just new and clean, they have the WOW factor.  We only carry the latest and greatest makes and model cars that are loaded with options. Every part of the car is meticulously detailed and maintained to the highest standards and we show you this and document it in the checkout process.  We understand that vehicles are a very personal item as we spend lots of time in them and make it our second home, especially in Los Angeles and that is why we ensure you are as comfortable as possible in your rental car.

  1. Deliver & Pickup

Regardless of where you are, Los Angeles or further, we can make arrangements to deliver your car and pick it up when you are done with it, usually FREE! If we can’t do complimentary delivery and pickup, we will let you know the fee in advance.

  1. Free Carwashes

Get your car washed each week for free. Just stop by our location whenever it is convenient for you and our professionals will give your car a mini handwash/detail. We will wash, vacuum and make sure your car is smelling nice and feeling fresh at all times.

  1. Huge Inventory

We have a large number of vehicles available for long term rentals. Chances are we have the car you are looking for or a car you always wanted to try but never wanted to make the commitment.

  1. Try different cars!

Our large selection of cars available for long term rentals allows you to switch and test drive different cars just about anytime you want.  Give us a call and see what’s available and we’re happy to switch you out and most cases we will bring the replacement car to you and pickup your current rental. With our fleet, you will find a range of cars from SUV rentals such as renting a Cadillac Escalade to Exotic car rentals such renting a Lamborghini or Ferrari

  1. Lowest rates possible

We give you long term car rental rates below anyone else in the industry. Cheap long term car rental rates if you compare to buying or leasing a vehicle and dealing with the hassle.

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Long Term Car Rental Los Angeles

Long Term Car Rental Los Angeles