Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Van

Renting a Mercedes Sprinter Van is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable ride with plenty of space for up to 15 passengers and their belongings. Not only does it offer great fuel efficiency, but it also provides great comfort and safety features sure to make the driver feel confident navigating the roads. It has plenty of room to custom configure including swivel seating and overhead storage compartments plus a sleek exterior that’ll draw eyes from all around. The Sprinter Van’s impressive 4-ton load capacity gives you more than enough power and ability to transport tremendous amounts of cargo in one go. For a long-term rental or an extra special weekend away, luxury and convenience are at your fingertips with the Mercedes Sprinter Van.

9 Passenger Luxury Van Rental (Executive Captains Chairs)

12 Passenger Luxury Van Rental (Executive Captains Chairs)